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Pregnancy is not the same for everyone. If you are pregnant, and have any concerns, come and speak to us.
Our highly qualified team is trained to assist our pregnant patients, and to give them and their unborn babies the best medical care

Pregnancy - caring for two

So you’re pregnant? For many women, this is both a wonderful and scary time.

If this is your first pregnancy, you may feel a little apprehensive! Even if you have been pregnant before, this time around may be totally different. Just as women are different, so are pregnancies!

If you do have any apprehensions the Peermed team will put your mind at ease.

First things first: are you definitely pregnant?

If you suspect you are, pop into your nearest Peermed Clinic. We’ll do a simple test, and if its positive, we’ll work out a health regime for you and your baby!
A normal pregnancy lasts 40 weeks and is divided into three trimesters.

What to expect in your first trimester?

Nausea and possibly vomiting (especially in the mornings)
Craving for certain foods and a dislike for others
Mood swings because your body is affected by huge hormonal changes.
The need to urinate (wee) more often.
You may feel very tired.
By three months your baby is almost 7cm long. He is fully formed and has started kicking and swallowing. He even has his own, unique set of fingerprints!

What to expect in your second trimester?

You are going to start showing
Your risk of miscarrying is greatly reduced now
If you felt nauseous this may vanish, or at least reduce
By the end of the second trimester, your baby is approximately 12cm in length. His finger and toenails are well formed, and he has tiny eyelashes and eyebrows. He yawns and stretches now and again!

What to expect in your third trimester?

As your baby grows and pushes down on your diaphragm, you have less room to breathe – this can cause shortness of breath and heartburn.
Back pain – ask a family member to give you a massage.
You are going to feel more tired – carrying a growing baby uses up a lot of energy. Rest whenever possible.
By week 36 your baby is about 45cm long. He is putting on weight rapidly and his lungs are developing fast in anticipation of his first breath!


You must eat for two.
No, you don’t want to gain too much weight – this is unhealthy for you and your baby.

Sex will hurt the baby
No, having sex when you are pregnant will not harm your unborn baby.

If I suffer from heartburn, my baby will be born hairy.
There is no proof of this!!

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