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Information for Pregnant Patients having a 4D Scan

Peermed 4D scan services can provide you with a picture of your unborn baby. Enjoy sharing the picture with your family and friends!

Peermed's cash rate is R450 per 4D scan including printed pictures (kindly note that all printed pictures done using a thermal printer in black & white). 4D scans are available in Kempton Park, Germiston and Pretoria branches. We accept cards and all medical aids (medical aids billed at medical aid tariffs).

Please call for an appointment. Our normal operating hours are: 8:30am to 5:30pm weekdays and 1pm on Saturdays.

What is a 4D Scan?

A 4D scan differs from a conventional scan in that it is in colour on screen, and produces life-like pictures of your baby- you can actually watch a live video of your baby! See an examples of a screen shot produced with a 4D scan.
Take home pictures are in black and white.

Are there any risks?

No, there are no known risks - the procedure is considered to be very safe.

When is the best time in my pregnancy to have a 4D scan?

It is best to have a 4D scan done between 27 weeks and 30 weeks of pregnancy. Out of this window, images may be unclear and we may not be able to perform a 4D scan. Furthermore, images are dependent on foetal position and amniotic fluid thus a clear 4D picture may not be guaranteed.

Can I tell the sex of my baby?

If you wish to know, we will almost definitely be able to tell you (though we dont gurantee due to factors that we cannot control. This may include if your baby has his or her legs crossed)

What are the advantages of having a 4D scan besides having a great view of my baby?

For parents, a 4D scan helps to alleviate anxieties they may have had, and often provides an opportunity for the Dad to bond with his unborn baby.

What are some problems you may detect during the 4D scan?

We can do a basic dating scan, limited to the confirmation of pregnancy, fetal location and gestational age. Detection of fetal abnormalities can only be done by specialists in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Radiology. We will be glad to assist with a specialist booking.

Could a 4D scan assist with infertility?

We also do 4D scans on patients who are battling to fall pregnant. We attempt to detect the presence of ovarian tumours or fibroids. This allows us to treat these problems, and to increase our patients' chances of conceiving

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