We have a host of feel-good solutions that can help you live healthier while avoiding that runny nose or sore throat. Here are 5 tips for preventing colds and the flu.
1. Get Vitamin D
Foods that are good sources of vitamin D include egg yolks, mushrooms, salmon, canned tuna, and beef liver.
2. Get enough sleep
Healthy adult participants who slept a minimum of eight hours each night over a two-week period showed a greater resistance to the virus.
3. Practice good hygiene
Limiting your exposure to illness by avoiding germs is key to remaining healthy.
4. Keep it personal
To avoid sharing germs, keep personal items separate. Wash contaminated items — especially toys that are shared — in hot, soapy water.
5. Get a flu vaccine
Speak to your nearest Peermed Healthcare Doctor for more information on how you can get your annual flu vaccine.
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